Contrib Bundles


Clastic is composed of different bundles all serving a single purpose. Not all features are provided by the core installation. Clastic has a set of bundles that are not for the general public, but may be useful for you.

You can find these bundles at the clastic contrib page.


Sharing bundles with others is a nice thing to do. If you would like your bundle to be featured in the contrib list, create an issue in the issue queue. Your bundle will than be evaluated by the Clastic team. If the bundle is approved you can tranfer ownership of the bundle. You will than be part of the Clastic team and will be promoted as maintainer of the bundle.



Please don’t use clastic as the vendor name before your package has been approved.

Say you are building a catalog module. Don’t use clastic/catalog-bundle in the composer.json. Keep your package under your own vendor name (myname/catalog-bundle). Once accepted you can choose to change or keep the name of the package.